Healthcare is a Right, Not a Privilege

As your next state representative, I will work to:

1. Establish universal single-payer healthcare "Medicare for All" in
    Michigan. Here is how do we fund it:

    Corporations must pay their fair share. Corporations received a $2 billion tax break in   
    2011. We need a tax code that makes sure corporations are investing in the health of all of
    their employees by funding single-payer universal healthcare. Businesses that already
    provide their employees with health care will be better of. Bad actors, like McDonald’s
    and Walmart, that rely on Medicaid to care for many of their employees, will finally have to
    invest in the health of the employees who drive their profits.

2. Rebuild our mental health services, which were gutted under Gov.           
    Engler in the 90s.

3. Address our out of control health care and prescription drug costs.

    Michigan has the fifth highest prescription drug costs in the country. Yet, every year, drug      companies raise prices by staggering sums that reach as high as 5000%. The drug         
    manufacturing industry is posting record profits while we struggle to afford essential
    medication. That is unacceptable.

    I will work to lower our prescription drug costs and bring transparency and accountability        to the industry by creating a Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Board, tasked with            overseeing the drug inustry and imposing penalties on bad actors.

4. Protect Healthy Michigan, which brought Medicaid coverage to 680,000
    residents under the Affordable Care Act.