Making Sure Every Child Realizes their Fullest Potential

Education is my family’s core value. My parents were both teachers, I married a teacher, and my daughter graduated in May and just accepted her first job as a 6th grade math teacher.

I’ve spoken to so many teachers who are buying classroom materials every time they go grocery shopping so their students have essential supplies.

Yet, over the past 8 years, the Legislature has cut funding for our classrooms to give out senseless tax breaks to the owners of private jets

Worst of all, the Legislature has diverted $4.85 (adjusted from our mailer to reflect the finalized state budget) billion from the School Aid Fund, resources that should be going to our children's classroom under Proposal A, which voters approved in 1994.

Earlier this month the Legislature approved next year's budget, which diverts a record $908 million from our children's classroom.

These are resources we should be using to establish 
pediatric literacy programming, universal preschool and invest in the early childhood reading coaches and support staff to help every child read at grade level.

It's time for the Legislature to treat our educators with the respect and admiration they deserve, make sure they have the resources they need to help our children realize their potential, and work with them to make our children's future the only priority.

Educators are not at the table when critical decisions are being made about our children's education, while the DeVos family is. ​​

As a result, classroom funding has been cut countless times, standardized testing changes almost annually and charter schools are eating away at the fabric of public education in communities across our state.
As your next state representative, I will work with our educators to:

1. Make sure we're working with the brightest minds in education when we make decisions about our children's education, not the DeVos family.

2. Put an end to the senseless cuts and raid on the School Aid Fund.

3. Invest in pediatric literacy programming and establishing universal preschool. The best opportunity to impact a child's future is in the first five years, a critical window of rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time in our life.

4. Invest in the early childhood reading coaches and classroom support staff so every child has the one-on-one help and support they need to read at grade level, which is critical to their long-term development as a student and success in life.
​ Every year a child is not able to read at grade level, they fall further behind in every subject because they can't consume and process the material.

5. Prohibit for-profit charter schools, because profit motive has no place in public eduation.

6. Put a moratorium on new charter schools and hold the existing charter schools to the same standards as our public schools.

Former lawmakers made a very foolish gamble on charter schools, and our children lost.

7. Work to reform K-12 funding to make sure our schools have the resources they need to help every child realize their dreams.​​

Recent studies show that funding for at-risk students and those with special needs is the most significant funding shortage in pre-K-12 education.