Fixing our Crumbling Roads & Bridges

If you’ve driven on Saginaw Highway the past three years, you’re fed up.
It’s literally a painful experience.
Watching such an important piece of our infrastructure fall into disrepair, we’re all wondering when our roads are actually going to be fixed.
Instead, we have to watch MDOT throw hot patch on it each year.
It's an exercise in futility, like watching someone patch their plumbing with duct tape.
We’ve been complaining about our roads for decades, but now we’re faced with lawmakers who honestly believe they fixed our roads.
It’s a truly astonishing feat considering they drive on them every day.
The Republican’s 2015 road plan was so flawed that we’re paying more and our roads continue to get worse.
Unless we work to elect lawmakers across our state who are actually committed to fixing our roads, they will continue to crumble.
I'm committed to putting in the long hours to solve this problem, but I need your help.
Citizens United changed politics for the worse by allowing untold sums of dark money into our political system, which is why your support is more important than ever.
Please help us shake up the Legislature and fix our roads by making a small investment that you will otherwise have to spend on blown tires, front-end alignments and new windshields.